BHS Music Boosters participates in various fundraising activities throughout the school year.

Some of the fundraisers contribute money to our general fund that we use for things like buying senior night roses, gifts for the assistant marching band director and color guard coach, and end of year awards. In the past we have used our funds to purchase choir dresses, band uniforms, band jackets, storage racks, and instruments as well as pizza and ice cream for special events. We also consider and review requests from the Band and Choir directors as they look to improve and expand the music program.

We hope that you can find a variety of ways to support the Boosters. We are open to suggestions for new fundraising opportunities and welcome your ideas. Please come to our monthly meetings or contact us.

Ongoing Opportunities

  • Concert Concessions

    Parent volunteers provide concessions that are sold during each concert.

  • Event Admissions

    Admissions are charged for the Coffee House, Battle of the Bands and Bedford Idol.

  • Graduation Roses

    BHS Music Boosters sell roses during graduation.

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    If you have an idea for a fundraising opportunity, please contact us.